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Add option for multiple-day meetings

We are hosting a 2-day meeting and are asking participants to choose from several 2-day blocks. Currently, the longest meeting duration in the drop down is "all day". As a result, my participants could theoretically choose single days that they are available, where I actually want them to select the 2-day periods they are available. It would be much more clear to be able to specify multiple day meetings and then allow them to choose from those, rather than allowing single date selections where that is not the intent, and the organizer having to e-mail a separate explanation and/or explain in the NeedToMeet poll.

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  • Jan 10 2017
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  • Melanie Quintela commented
    January 12, 2017 19:57

    I agree with this. It is very difficult to organise 8 hour meetings & specify start and end times of the meetings when you only have the choice between 2-6 hours & all day meeting (starting at 12am-12pm) not very useful.

  • Leland Ross commented
    09 Nov 04:49

    It would be helpful to not allow appointments to be back-to-back to prevent running late if a prior meeting happens to run long.
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