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Fix recent change to Admin view

You recently implemented a change to NTM whereby the Admin sees ALL the people who were invited to a meeting (Include attendees who have not responded yet) in the ORGANIZER MEETING ADMIN screen. This change now prevents me from seeing who had replied (especially if they CANNOT make the meeting - only those who can come check the box). Before, only those who had clicked in the email NTM send out on 'SELECT TIME AND DATE' button and then the SUBMIT button would appear. Can you please either give Admins  the ability to go back to the 'old' mechanism   OR   somehow distinguish between replied and not replied. Some possibilities: BOLD the name if they replied, Gray-out or italic the name if they did not reply yet, put a new column with a check mark next to the name to say they replied. Anything is fine but I need to know this information in a convenient mechanism. Thank you.

  • Frank M
  • Sep 23 2016
  • Implemented
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  • Pete Caldecourt commented
    October 07, 2016 15:24

    Thanks for the feedback Frank - We will take a look into this item.

  • suka nobita commented
    September 07, 2019 04:25

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