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option to remove weekends and non-working hours from the Calendar View page

As all my work meetings will occur on week days it would streamline the Calendar View page if there was an option to remove weekend entirely from the date picker, as for my purposes they are merely columns that do nothing but take up visual space.

Removing them would increase the number of weekday times that would fit onto one screen before you require a scroll bar - it would go from 14 days (10 of which are useful) up to 14 useable work days.

Currently, with dates hidden beyond the scroll bar, i fear that some respondents will either

  • not notice the scroll bar and therefore miss some dates, or else
  • notice the scroll bar but ignore it due to impatience


Similarly, perhaps an option to remove times that fall out of the typical 9-to-5 workday, to streamline the calendar further. It currently shows 3am and 9pm and other times i'll never need but necessitate scrolling

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  • Aug 22 2016
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  • Pete Caldecourt commented
    September 02, 2016 15:58

    Thanks for your feedback. Just to confirm you are talking about the Web view for creating a meeting poll?

  • Guest commented
    September 06, 2016 07:05

    yep...hope i'm not being too demanding    :P