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allow Outlook plugin to create an ongoing calendar based only upon Outlook categories

I'd love to use the Outlook plugin in an continuous ongoing manner, but don't want it picking up and displaying all my free time. I suspect it would require the following:

  1. NeedToMeet plugin to only publicly display those time blocks in my Outlook Calendar deliberately categorised as "up for meetings".
  2. Ability to post a meeting request by telling NeedToMeet to display my calendar within some timeframe (eg "show all slots within the next 3 weeks").
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  • Aug 22 2016
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  • Pete Caldecourt commented
    September 02, 2016 15:19

    Thank you for your feedback. From reading your request I would like to clarify the items you have listed.

    Item 1:

    It looks like you are looking for the functionality where you can sync items to need to meet based on the category you has selected for specific items? For example if you have tagged items in your calendar as "up for meetings". You then go to the Outlook Add-In and select only sync items tagged as "up for meetings"? The Outlook Add-In will then only sync these items to NeedToMeet.

    Item 2:

    To add functionality when I send a meeting poll, that it also displays my calendar free/busy for a specified period of time. Can you provide a use case for this?

    Here is an example:

    In a meeting poll it currently provides specific dates/times I would like to meet with people, and they select dates/times from that. Are you looking at the idea of that I send out a meeting poll, and I give people a section of calendar information and say to them pick a slot for us to meet?

  • Guest commented
    September 06, 2016 07:20

    FYI I only used the plugin once before my trial expired so my apologies if I’m actually misunderstanding how it works!

    1. You are correct, I want to specify that only times in Outlook that I classify as “available” get pushed into NeedToMeet, rather than every single minute of my free time. Referring to the image below, I would like only the deliberately-classified greenish block to be pushed as a possible meeting time – no need to send NeedToMeet info about my free time at midday or after 2:30pm, as these are not really free times but rather represent my lunch break and catch-up desk work.

    2. Yes you’re right again, I was thinking about sending out a section of my (ongoing) calendar and getting them to choose, since I’d have already prepped my calendar as above. Currently I’d need to manually choose several timeslots each time I send out a request, and if I happen to send out multiple requests during a time period this could easily get confusing and overlap (which is probable since I offer dozens of regular training courses at my job).

    I hope my explanation helps ☺


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