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How to Recover AOL Password 1–888–572–7379

After successfully typing your AOL mail ID in the Email field as you move your cursor to the Password box and begin to type your password, drat! You cannot think of it! Now even when you try to brainstorm constantly unless completely exhausted you just cannot get hold of your AOL password. That’s exactly when you feel, locked out, annoyed, and desperate to get back in and get going. Forgetting your AOL mail password essentially means locking yourself out of your AOL mail account and fuming over yourself, thinking “oh gosh! Why it happened today?” However there is a way around and you can for sure regain access to your AOL mails by recovering your AOL mail password. Check the step-wise instructions given below and recover your AOL mail password.

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Step 1: Open AOL Website

Open your web browser and visit the AOL mail website. This screen should come up, prompting you to type your AOL email address and password. In the <Username or Email> box, type your AOL mail ID, leave the Password box blank as obviously, and click the “Forgot password?” link just underneath it.

Step 2: Provide Necessary Details

AOL now asks you to provide your username or email id and type the random characters (these are not case sensitive) shown in the box. So type your AOL id or username and enter the given characters in relevant boxes and click the <Next> button.

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Step 3: Verify Your Account

On the this screen, AOL gives you the option to recover your password through your alternate email address which you must have added when you first set up your AOL mail account. Click the “Alternate Email Address” link and it shows the alternate email address associated with your AOL mail account. Click “Next” to proceed with it. Now AOL sends a password reset link to your alternate email address and you can then begin to reset your password.

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AOL verify account

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Step 4: Reset Password

Once you have got this email, click the link to create a new AOL mail password. Once you have created a new password, click “Next”. You will now be prompted to make your password more recoverable by helping you add or change your phone number other details. Once you are done, click the “Done” button and you will be redirected to your Accounts & Settings page to help you modify information related to your account. You can click the Mail button at the top of the bar to get right into your inbox.

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