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Ability to see recipient email address when hovering over their name under Organizer Meeting Admin view

When getting notified that someone picked a time slot. The Organizer Meeting Admin view only displays recipient's  name and not Email address related to it. Client opened a ticket in regards to this 64590 and i thought it would be great idea if we can have this option available where when hovering over the name it also displays the email address. 

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  • Jul 11 2016
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  • Pete Caldecourt commented
    July 15, 2016 18:56

    Hi - Can you clarify what they were looking for? For example if you select "Email Attendees" you can get a list of the email addresses.

    if you have the use case for this item it will help build out the requirements of what the problem is we would be resolving.

  • Guest commented
    July 21, 2016 16:27



    The “Email attendees” option is not viable when a meeting organizer chooses to send out meeting link to list of recipients rather than directly inviting them through N2M. This was the precise scenario with this client.

     When a meeting link is forwarded to list of recipients and one of them commits to available time slots they only get prompted to list their name. The organizer has no option of notifying the end recipient if they decide to alter their availability as they do not have an email address to respond back to or even utilize “Email Attendees” option as meeting was not sent out through N2M.


    Customer's expectation:

     Regardless of if the meeting invite was sent out through N2M or a Link to meeting was provided to end recipient, the product should allow organizer to click on the recipient name and email individual recipient directly under "Organizer Meeting Admin" view.


    My suggestion:


    Invitation via N2M: 

     N2M already captures the email address of the recipients and all is needed here is to have the option where if one was to click on the name they should be able to send out email to the individual recipient.


    Invitation via meeting link:

     Possible resolution to this would be to require an email address input once recipients commit to a time slot. This way when an organizer reviews their meeting and see a name listed the expectation would be that hovering over it would display the email address and if they click on the name they should be able to send out email to the individual recipient.



  • Kat Wilson commented
    February 13, 2019 21:32

    For many of my contacts, I have a work and a personal email address. When I type in their name, it would be great if the different emails popped up so that I could ensure that it's going to the work email. This has bitten me several times when I didn't get a quick reply only to learn it went to their Gmail or Comcast account instead of work.

  • Iris Snyder commented
    13 Mar 08:55

    The structure of the zendesk API would be a good one to clone.

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  • Bruce Nathan commented
    24 Mar 21:06