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Auto Reminder

It would be nice to have the application automatically send out a 'reminder' on a set basis, like 48 hours or 24 hours before the meeting, to remind those attendees who 'forget' to SUBMIT their availability. You have the feature to send it out right now; I would like to do away with the added effort of logging in, going to the meeting notice, clicking on the reminder link, then saying OK to send it to the group shown (even though there is no way to change it). Thank you.

  • Frank M
  • Jul 8 2016
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  • Pete Caldecourt commented
    July 08, 2016 16:04

    Hi Frank - Thank you for your feedback, and Idea. I have added this item to the queue for us to review and consider for an upcoming release. This is a great idea, and makes for ease of use of the solution as you mention.

  • Andrew Davison commented
    09 May 06:43

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  • mandi ken commented
    24 May 07:15

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