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AOL Desktop Gold Icon Dissipated Now What to do ?

It is very disturbing when your AOL desktop software is missing or just get disappearedĀ  from your desktop someday.

You are unable to access it straight from your home screen.

If you are dealing with the same problem then check these steps out to fix it.


  • If it is because the icon is accidentally deleted by you then you can simply create a new one by clicking on the create a desktop shortcut option.
  • If this is not the reason they maybe your system contains malware due to which its get effected.
  • So ensure there is no malware present in your system.
  • In case it is because of some corrupted AOL files in the software then to fix it you need to download AOL desktop gold and install it again.

Hopefully this solution works for you if you have any questions regarding the same please ask us in comments section.

  • Grace Lee
  • Feb 14 2020
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