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So there we have the salad. The long-announced Panda Update has now arrived in Germany. You can read this on the pages of the Google Webmasterzentrale since midday. After the international update was only directed against English-language websites in April 2019, a worldwide Panda rollout has now taken place . Panda has finally arrived in Germany . The winners and losers of the update are not yet clearly recognizable, but the tool and statistics experts from Sistrix and Searchmetrix are difficult to access the new data.

See, Sistrix has just come out with his panda report and announces the first losers. Accordingly, it has hit sites like Kelkoo, Wikio, Webnews, Suite101, Helpster, Yasni, 123People, Dooyoo or Ciao, while Idealo appears to be one of the winners of the panda competition. The information is still knitted with the hot needle and not complete, tomorrow it will be clearer for all Sistrix users. Johannes will import the new data into the Sixtrix Toolbox tomorrow, and further information can be obtained by apple app store.

The results will certainly be discussed in weeks. Google also accepts collateral damage if it serves the good cause. Ultimately, some of the victims are not really far behind in terms of quality. With the Panda update, Google is trying to ensure more quality through diversification. There is no need for 8 price comparators on the first search results page; ergo, the scissors are used and cut for the price comparators. Those who are "qualitatively best" survive in Panda's eyes, the rest are shot down. Similar to the price comparison, the news and article producers, the name and data collectors, the question and answer providers are screened and shaken off. This should benefit the quality of the Google Index, but break the neck of some business models. The panda is far from being as harmless and harmless as it looks. It not only destroys questionable virtual content, it also destroys real existence. Let’s hope that the Google experts have done a really careful and good job.

  • Sam Cherry
  • Jan 27 2020
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