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Brother printer frequent paper jamming issues

Paper jamming is another troublesome issue that mostly every people using printer faces. When these kinds of paper jam occur, some printer flashes light at you and scream for help. Now in these kinds of situations it is often people will look around for guidance. There is often provision of diagnostic on clearing the jams.

Here are some of the steps for you to solve with your paper jamming.

  • Switch off your printer

In order to avoid any sort of electricity shock, turning it off is better choice. Check if the paper is jammed side by the fuser unit, do wait until the fuser gets cooled down.

  • Open all doors which goes to the paper path.

In a situation you are not able to find the door, start off by removing input tray and remove it following the paper path that leads to output.

  • Carefully pull out the stuck paper

There will be paper stuck, due to which the jamming has occurred. Make sure to take or pullout the paper carefully.

So, follow these steps thoroughly, in no time you will have proper knowledge about how to fix paper jamming in no time. In case if these steps don’t work out kindly call 855-617-9111and get service from the Brother Printer Technical Support.

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  • Jul 5 2019
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