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Default to Calendar View

Most of the time it seems more useful to default to calendar view... Can we get this changed or get a setting to allow the default to be customized?

Additionally, can the calendar view be a bit more centered on the available times? Right now it seems set up to just show the very first availability, which often causes most of the screen to be showing something like 8am to noon, when the available times are 11:00 am  to 4:00 pm.

  • Taylor Davidson
  • Mar 4 2016
  • Future Consideration
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  • Pete Caldecourt commented
    March 04, 2016 13:44

    Hi Taylor - Thanks again for your feedback.

    I have a few follow up questions to help clarify your requests:

    1). Default Calendar View.

    Please clarify the view you are discussing, and how you would like to see this customized.

    2). Calendar View:

    Please provide a screen shot of this so we can understand what you are seeing, as this will help clarify your suggestion.

  • Taylor Davidson commented
    March 04, 2016 14:00

    1) When you are setting up the meeting the system currently defaults to "Grid", for the test I've run I haven't found one yet where I didn't want "Calendar" as the default view. Yet, because "Grid" is the default I have sent a number of invites so far in "Grid" view. I am wondering whether the default can be changed across the system, or if a settings preference can be added to change this by user.

    2) I tested this again, and it seems to depend on the size of the screen... My MacBook Air has the problem, but my iMac comes up just fine... I've attached two examples.

  • Pete Caldecourt commented
    March 04, 2016 18:22

    Thanks for the additional information.

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