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Scholars working at exclusive paper give numerous definitions of the word religion but none of them can fully explain every peculiarity. Religion helps us relate to the unknown universe around us by answering the basic questions of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. All religions include eight elements; they are belief system, community, central myths, ritual, ethics, emotional experice, material expression, and sacredness. All religions are equally worthy, but more than 2 billion people on this planet are Muslims and Islam is the fastest growing religion. Therefore, it is important to understand which moral virtues, ideals, and beliefs make it that popular, valuable, and widespread.

As the most world’s religions, Islam has its strict belief system, which is presented in the numerous scriptures. The main book of every Muslim is The Quran that is believed to be sacred words of God. Muslims often refer to God as Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. In 114 chapters, Allah inspires and teaches people to live in harmony and peace with the nature and the society. A prophet, Muhammad, is a model to emulate for every religious Muslim. People state that he was a man of great patience, prudence, and trustworthiness. He had retentive memory and strong character. Moreover, he is believed to be a messenger of God. Therefore, Muslims believe that only a man who serves God and worships Him in all his thoughts and deeds can gain happiness during the life and in heaven after death.

The key virtue of Islam is an ability to forgive offenders since Allah can forgive even the worst sinners. As stated in Surah 14:

a grievous punishment is prepared for the unjust. But they who shall have believed and wrought righteousness, shall be introduced into gardens, wherein rivers flow; they shall remain therein forever by the permission of their Lord, and their salutation therein shall be Peace. 

A Muslim must be tolerant to other religions and their followers. In addition to the true faith, a believer should not forget about charity, patience, and obedience. What is more, it is a duty of everybody to take care of and be kind to parents since paradise lies at the feet of your mothers. A Muslim must be good, patient, and generous not only with friends and family but with strangers as well. In Islam, it is strictly banned to drink alcohol or gamble. In some countries, it is even banned to sell alcohol as it is an abomination of Satan’s work. In my opinion, every student should follow these simple rules to become a better person.

Humans are social by their nature; therefore, different types of bonds such as a common language or homeland connect them. Common religion unites people even more. Religious rules of Islam can also be viewed as socially generated guidelines. In Quran, a man can read about regulations in different spheres of life, for example, relationship in family, duties of a citizen, a judicial system, and even economic affairs. The Brotherhood of Believers is an essential peculiarity of Islam. In Surah 3, it is stated, remember Allah’s favour unto you: when you were enemies and He united your hearts, so that you became as brothers. The same way as Muhammad did, the Muslims have to take care of the orphan and every poor or weak person. At the same time, Islam fights against beggary, it is said that whoever has food for a day and night, he is forbidden to beg. Although many people all over the world think that the women are humiliated in Muslim countries, it is not really so. The women take an honorable place in the society; men have to respect and care about sisters, wives, and relatives. In most Muslim countries, women have the same rights as men of possessing a property and having a vote. Therefore, the society that lives under the prayerfulness, love, respect, mercy, and generosity is an example of the utopian world. Many people all over the world are eager to create this type of society. They want to build the civilization based on certain ideas of law, ethics, and social order.

Nowadays, people need religion more than ever; ideas of Islam should be spread among younger generations. In my life and life of my family, Islam plays an incredibly important role. We try to live under the God’s law and believe in the divine origin of Islam. My mother is an example of perfect Muslim wife. However, I must admit that there were moments in my life, when I doubted my faith due to different troubles. Nevertheless, after learning Islam beliefs closer, it is obvious that this religion suits me the best.

Muhammad, God’s messenger, gave to the world a perfect religious system which has changed billions of people’s life during last fourteen centuries. High principles and ideals differentiate Islam from other religions, It helps to lead active, positive, healthy, dignified, and useful lifestyle. That is why the number of Muslims is increasing day by day. I am sure that other religions and organizations around the world can learn and use the values and beliefs of the Muslim people.

  • Allie Hopkins
  • Jan 15 2020
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