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Display attendee responses in the webpage calendar view.

I would like the ability to view responses in the calendar view made available during the "new meeting" setup, without using Outlook. I often need to schedule 50-100 1:1 meetings at a time, and surfacing the slick calendar view with my attendees' responses marked/highlighted would make the responses far easier for me to read at a glance or to transfer into our office schedule.

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  • Feb 17 2016
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  • Pete Caldecourt commented
    February 17, 2016 17:42

    Hi Nathan - Thanks you for your request. Are you looking for this type of functionality:

    Right now, if you allow status to be viewed by all, you only see who has replied. It would be nice to be able to see ALL the people in the list you sent the meeting request to. To do this, you would need to somehow indicate the person has NOT replied yet, maybe by putting their name in italic or faded (or even saying 'no response yet' next to name).

  • Horace Paul commented
    08 Aug 07:33

    I can only add a maximum of 3 attendees outside of the organizer. There is no "Add attendees" button below the first 3 fields. 

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