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Canon printer paper jam issue

Paper jamming is a very serious issue which is faced by users all over the world, these issues are caused due to various reasons in which the problem is seen here in using of the printer. If the printer is not handled in a correct way, then certain problems do occur. In order to prevent these sort of error we will provide users all the necessary information by which paper jamming issue will be solved forever.

  • If the paper has not been placed properly inside the tray than printer takes in more than one paper for printing due to which the paper gets stuck inside the printer.
  • If the quality of the paper is not genuine or is of poor quality, then paper jam issue is often occurred.
  • If the printer gets interrupted while printing than paper jamming issue is often experienced.

If users do check these sort of things while using printer, then load of errors can be minimized. If users get stuck with these sort of problem than we will support you with solutions all you have to do is dial 1-855-617-9111.


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  • Dec 2 2019
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