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Lexmark printer error codes

How often do users encounter error codes while printing with Lexmark printer, well most of the user would agree with me because error codes are the basic issue we deal while using printer. User may not have information about the error code but it does convey some message about the printer. The error code basically refers to any change in the system. So we will be providing users some of the most faced error codes and ways to fix it.

Error code: 10 – It refers that the cover of the printer is open or it may suggest there is no EP cartridge. So closing the cover and placing EP cartridge will solve the issue.

Error code: 38 – It refers that your system is out of memory and some of the data should be moved or deleted.

Error code: 39 – The following error defines that the page is too complex for printing. Check the quality of the page before printing.

There are some of the error codes users usually get while printing. But there are even more, we will provide solution for any kind of error code. Connect with us at our Lexmark Printer  Technical Support 1-855-617-9111.

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  • Dec 2 2019
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