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bad service, inadequate product, check out "vyte" for far superior and customizable product

Your service is not simple because it often does not work, many of my customers have complained that they were not able to access and or see all the times I listed. The interface is not customizable for my business and has too much or your company’s name all over it and not mine. It also causes my computer to crash regularly. If you want to see what a quality product with far superior service check out “vyte”.

Needtomeet had the opportunity to make the issues right with me but instaed they sent me their terms and coniditons. Terms and conditions are one thing, but good business is what sperate the winners and the losers. If Needtomeet wants customers to stick around while you improve their product they need to be sympathetic and help find a solutions for their customers not show them their legal terms and conditions to coop out on their product failure to meet needs.  

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  • Feb 23 2018
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