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How to Block Applications on Your Android Phone

Blocking apps will enable you to manage your device more efficiently. The Application Control helps you block any application from running. Games, media and messaging software, as well as other categories of software and malware, can be prevented this way. 

Follow these instructions to know more about the topic.

Blocking apps from being downloaded via the Play Store

  1. First of all, go to the Google Play Store placed inside the phone’s Home screen.
  2. Hit on the menu button located at the upper-left edge of your screen.
  3. Now press on the “Settings” button situated near the lowermost portion of the menu button.
  4. Then hit on “Parental Controls” option under “Settings.”
  5. Now drag the slider to “On” mode. Here you may be asked to create a PIN.
  6. If your device asks for the pin, then type a pin to access your parental settings. You may also select a question to recover your pin to avail access to your parental settings.
  7. Hit on the “OK’ button after confirming the pin. Now your parental control access is activated.
  8. Then touch on the “Apps & games” option. Then the age group listings will appear on your device.
  9. Now here you have to fix the rating limit for your content, depending on your choice as to what you wish to permit other users to install. If you wish to limit your content to teens, tap on the “Teens” option and if you desire to limit it to every individual, hit on the “Everyone” option.
  10. Hit on the “OK” button. It is a confirmation pop-out box confirming you that the installation of the future apps will be prevented according to your choice.
  11. Now touch on “Save’ tab. Finally, you have activated parental control to restrict your entries/contents according to your selected age groups. If you want to disable this restriction, return to the “Parental Control” window and turn the parental control slider to “Off” mode.

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