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Problems in university

Ask your parents about the best times in their lives, they will surely count the graduate years. The four years you spend at uni is going to be the most memorable time of your entire existence. In the busy 9 to 5 schedule of college and then reporting to the job, students forget to celebrate the moments of joys. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’; you should focus on both studying as well as enjoying the free time. After you are off-campus you would be racing to find the perfect job and fitting in the corporate environment.

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Till the time you are in the university make the most of your graduation with this university bucket list -

  1. Start Your Own Business -Not every item students want in their day-to-day life is available nearby the university. They struggle with a myriad of issues: grocery shopping(because of lack of dietary knowledge), selecting the right book and more. If a problem surfaces again and again; creating a solution people are ready to buy can make you an entrepreneur. Think of Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook. Your business model might not reach a million-dollar figure but will brush-ups your entrepreneurial skills. Even if your first vendor fails, you will know how to understand the mindset of the audience and cater to a product that satisfies their needs. Do you see people complaining about something on the campus? Don’t ignore it! Instead, emphatically hear and analyze the situation.

  2. Road Tour - Don’t have the funds to travel outside the city? Nothing can stop you from exploring new avenues. Gather a couple of friends and go on a day trip. Immersing yourself in the studies and completing the engineering homework confines you to the uni premises. If you are not from the same city, you got a lot of new places to see. Enjoy the cheap thrills traveling around the city in railways.

  3. Visit other Universities - Spending more than half of the time in the campus area, you will get acquainted with the student culture in a with days. The nitty-gritty of the college is already introduced to the freshers. Mingling with the students who are pursuing an engineering course from another university is a whole new experience. Their pattern, classes, the overall syllabus can differ from you. Plus, you can find a mate for engineering homework help.

  4. Student Protest - Students have ample reasons to fight with the management: rising tuition fees, lack of improvements, the resignation of a lecturer, and bland classes. By supporting the union you receive all the benefits you are entitled to. If you have fallen into a realm of non-creative engineering homework, your complaint will be promptly addressed

  5. Staycation - Travelling Malaysia to lose yourself into the maze of food, India to see the vivid culture and Australia for experiencing wildlife is a great plan. However, you might be lucky enough to afford such luxuries. A staycation is a cheap option to spend some time away from college & home. Check out Airbnb for hotels with an amusement park for a fun vacation. However, don’t forget to spend quality time with family and friends

  6. Student Committee - Being a part of a society can teach you a lot. Corporations, leadership, and self-reliance are the three major qualities you can build as a member of the student committee. If you show the potential, in the last year you are assigned the position of a leader. The recruiters are pleased to hire students who have headed a team in the past.

  7. Adventure sports - Living away from the parents, students quickly develop autonomy. They are encouraged to win over their fears by both the parents and lecturers. Participating in extreme sports is a life-changing experience. Do you have a fear of heights? Go for paragliding, parasailing, hand gliding or parachuting. Water doesn’t give you any pleasures? Scuba diving and snorkeling will amaze you.

  8. Music Fest - Tapping your hands and feet on the dancefloor with your favorite drink in hand can sometimes make you feel alive. Book a ticket for the concert. Listen to the best DJs and kill the stage.

  9. Marathon - Simply running a few miles and reaching the finishing point can fill you will satisfy.

  10. Master Programming - Even if you are studying non-computer streams like architecture, mechanics, etc. learning code with brightening your future prospects. You wouldn’t need help when working on software.
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