NeedToMeet Feedback

Attendance tracking

The Need to Meet is confusing as far as responses.

If someone can go, they click on the check mark and it shows.

If their name has no checkmark next to it, we don’t know whether

they have responded or they are indicating they cannot go.

Can you please change it to say YES or NO. That way, we know they responded and cannot attend. This causes a lot of confusion when looking quickly at the attendance list. We use the response list as our attendance list and like I said, if the space next to a person is blank, we don't know whether he cannot attend or did not see the email.

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  • May 10 2017
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  • Stephen Kingston commented
    August 02, 2017 13:49

    I agree -- this is needed!!!!

  • CHERYL PAULENOFF commented
    August 08, 2017 00:41

    I absolutely agree and would like to see who has responded yes or no the way Doodle app does.