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Ability to copy and paste meetings that you have already created

This would be useful for people that are trying to schedule 30 plus meetings with different people that have over 102 time slot options. I send one link with these time-slots to one person and then need to do the same for a totally different group of people. Currently I have not option to copy and paste a meeting that already has all of these time zones selected and just edit the details. It would be nice to be able to copy and paste the meeting so that I do not have to go in and select all 102 time slots from scratch. Thanks!

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  • Mar 1 2017
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    Joe Wilder commented
    March 10, 2017 17:28

    Thank you for this idea.  It would save a lot of time not to need to enter 102 time slots again by hand.  Would it make sense to you if we call this feature 'Clone meeting'?

  • Guest commented
    March 10, 2017 17:31

    Yes, that is a great way to phrase it. Thanks for reaching out.

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